Today, more than ever… a professional website is one of the most important investments you can make in your business.

Second only to your own voice, a professional website will showcase your talent and deliver your message to potential clients before they ever have a chance to speak with you.

Your website will probably be the first method of contact that your future clients will have with you. You need to have a professional website that will convince them to contact you or you could be loosing tens of thousands of dollars in lost income every year.

A website created for you by Nerds Software will not only increase your business… They’ll also increase your profits.

Managed Business Websites


Successful business owners hire the most experienced people they can to look after their business in areas outside of their expertise. Nerds Software can design the perfect website for your needs and we will also be there to help anytime you need it.


Simple day to day text edits or image changes can still be handled by you if you want or we can manage everything... it's up to you.

Professional Wordpress Themes


WordPress websites are a great choice for anyone on a tight budget...


Nerds Software makes it easy and very cost effective for you to have a professional looking website for your small business.


Manage the site yourself or ask Nerds Software to do just the things you need help with to keep your costs unbelievable low.

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